Southern Pit

The Pit of Prayers

Lord of the Pit: Tiger Tamuro

The Southern Pit is a place where the ruthless reign supreme.
The ruler is known as Tiger Tamuro, a former monk with a serious chip on his shoulder against the godless fools that seems to have forgotten that even the lowest must live in piety!


  • Eight rough layers, connected by carved stairs behind the openings.
  • Newest of the Pits, and infrastructure is sparse as all hell.
  • Most people live in the great limestone caves that have several improvised shrines where the people are being required to pray to stay the night.
  • One of the lower caves is dedicated to the cultivation of mushrooms, where a few of those are vital to keeping the population here well-nutriized, as the population is mostly builders that live in fear of Tiger Tamuro and the Proper Breathren.

However, Tiger Tamuro is not in total control of his own pit.
There is a rival, in the guise of the Ghost-blooded Serene Jackal and his Howling Hounds, who has been leading a struggle from the Cave of Blue Walls, that is found deep beneath the Pit, through the hidden tunnels.
Some say Serene Jackal has been in talks with the other Pits about a change, but the brutal methods of Tamuro pleases the Sagacious Builders, who is in charge of the construction.

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