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Emerald Circle Sorcery


Cost: 15sm, 1wp
Keywords: None
Duration: Until sunset or journey’s end

The sorcerer’s words of power create a billowing fog bank. Four cerulean horses coalesce from the mist, pulling a coach the hue of the noonday sky behind them. The horses snort steam and trail lightning sparks from their manes. Their hooves freeze the ground where they touch.

When the sorcerer takes the carriage’s reins, the steeds launch themselves into the air, pulling the chariot behind them. Once the sorcerer tells the horses his destination, which can be any place not in the Wyld, so long as the caster and location are in the same realm and the caster can specify it unambiguously, they circle once to get their bearings as they rise and then gallop away, leaving a trail of fog in their wake.

The azure chariot carries up to four passengers or 800 pounds of cargo, plus the sorcerer, travels at a hundred miles an hour, and cannot be slowed or turned aside from its designated course. Attackers who cannot match the coach’s speed may attack once as it passes, and the carriage soon outpaces even the longest-ranged weapons, especially as it is never closer to the ground than long range, and that only when passing through great mountains and similar. Passengers in the azure chariot receive heavy cover from attacks. It also protects occupants and cargo from most ranges of temperature or weather, though extreme conditions such as hurricanes or blizzards still endanger both carriage and occupants. The chariot can and will travel to an underwater destination, but in this case, breathing is the concern of the passengers.

This spell can be cast only during daylight hours. The spell lasts until the coach reaches its destination, the sorcerer lands it prematurely, or sunset. As the sun nears the horizon, the carriage slowly changes hue to match the twilight sky. The horses also gallop lower until the azure chariot lands, and disappears with the last sliver of the sun.

A character who knows Conjuring the Azure Chariot as a control spell can target either places or persons with it. In the latter case, the horses use the person's location at the time of casting for their destination.

Distortion: (Goal number 13)
Successfully distorting the Azure Chariot results in the horses becoming restive and uncontrollable. The chariot's effective speed drops by half, and the horses will no longer go to their intended destination; they will touch down ten miles from it, usually in an inconvenient location.
The sorcerer rolls Wits + Ride, each success reducing the error radius by one mile.


Cost: 10sm and 1wp
Keywords: None
Duration: Special

This spell causes thick, iron-hard vines to erupt from the ground beneath the target, wrapping around his arms and legs and painfully rooting him to the spot. This is considered a special Grapple gambit with a range of Short that automatically succeeds without an Initiative roll.
The sorcerer rolls (Intelligence+Occult) on the control roll, adding additional successes equal to his Essence. While grappled by the vines, targets cannot take movement actions and suffer all the normal penalties from being in a grapple. Each turn the vines savage their target, inflicting a flat 12 withering damage; the target applies Soak as normal. Any Initiative lost is simply gone, though the sorcerer gains a Break bonus for any enemy Crashed this way. The sorcerer may also choose to expend one additional round of control and use his combat action to deliver a decisive savaging attack to one grappled target, using his own Initiative as normal. The vines have a Defense value of 0; attacks directed against them automatically cause them to lose two rounds of control. Vines cannot perform throw or restrain actions.

A sorcerer who knows this spell as his Control spell can apply it to multiple targets at an increased cost of 5sm per additional target, to a maximum of (Essence+1) targets. He makes one control check and applies it to all targets of the spell. Such sorcerers often appear to be friends to plants, and will find that vines and creepers will slowly shift to touch or caress them, and flowering plants will gradually turn their petals to face him while in his presence.

Distortion (Goal Number: Varies):
Distorting this spell directly forces the vines to relax their grip, hastening the end of the spell. Every two successes on the Distortion roll costs one round of control from all vines.


Cost: 10sm and 1wp
Keywords: Psyche
Duration: Instant

This spell arrests the target’s attention, mesmerizing them. The sorcerer rolls Charisma + Occult against the target’s Resolve. If successful, the target becomes extremely suggestible, creating a Major Tie of Trust toward the sorcerer. This is temporary - the spell’s immediate effects only last for about five minutes, after which the target will remember only that he and the sorcerer spoke but not the details of the conversation. The subject will be very amenable to minor requests or favors, of course, but the real use of this spell is in the ability to use the temporary Tie to support Instill actions creating new Intimacies, allowing the sorcerer to shape the target’s beliefs. Careful use of this spell can allow a character to build a web of self-reinforcing beliefs all founded on a lie. In this fashion individuals can be made to believe things that are not so, to question close relationships, even to become paralyzed and indecisive as a result of conflicting beliefs they are all convinced are true. This spell can only affect one person at a time and requires that the sorcerer engage in actual dialogue with them, so most characters who use it are careful to do their brainwashing in private.

A character who knows this spell as their control spell can affect small groups of people at once, up to (1+Essence) at a time. They are often known for having magnetic or strangely compelling personalities and very intense eyes, which may be discomfiting to some.

Distortion (Goal Number: 10):
A sorcerer who realizes that a target’s mind has been altered by this spell can attempt to unravel the web of lies. Success allows the target to remember the sorcerous influence, making them aware of how their beliefs were shaped against their will.
This does not remove any secondary Intimacies that may have been created as a result, however.


Cost: 5 sm, 1 wp
Keywords: None
Duration: Until ended

The sorcerer spits into her palm and conjures into her hand a black ceramic coin inscribed with arcane sigils. She can place the coin where she likes.
Thereafter, she can concentrate and perform a miscellaneous action to project her consciousness to the coin. She sees, hears and smells everything as if she stood at the coin’s location. If the coin is in a pocket, pouch or container with at least one opening, she can sense the environment both inside and outside that container.
She senses only the inside of a container that’s completely enclosed, such as a strongbox. As they occupy the coin’s vicinity, her senses are identical to her senses in her body, and she may benefit normally from all sense-enhancing Charms. Because she cannot project her sense of touch, she knows instantly if her body is shaken or injured.
The sorcerer instinctively knows the distance of her senses from her body and the direction to the coin. She can find the coin just by travelling toward it, concentrating periodically to discover if it has moved.
A sorcerer may have only one coin of distant vision at a time. To create a new one, she must first concentrate a moment to reduce her existing coin to dust.
Doing so is a miscellaneous action identical to projecting her senses, but it costs five motes of Essence. The coin of distant vision functions as an arcane link to the sorcerer if someone discovers it, but the dust does not.

Distortion (Goal Number: 5):
Distorting a coin causes sorcerer senses to work as when heavily intoxicated while projecting them though coin.


Cost: 10 sm +2sm per additional hour (max. 30 sm), 1 wp
Keywords: None
Duration: Until ended

The sorcerer completes this spell with the Azure Sign, a glyph that epitomizes the Element of Air. He fills a target ship’s sails with a powerful wind sufficient to drive it forward at its maximum speed without sacrificing handling or safety, and also ignoring currents or small storms. He may target any sail-powered vessel (including Haslanti air boats) he can see, up to (Essence x 3) miles away. The sorcerer can always cancel this spell as a reflexive action.
Calling the Wind’s Kiss remains in effect for a number of hours equal to the caster’s Essence, plus one additional hour for every two additional sorcerous motes spent.
Here, the sorcerer has a choice.
He may expend the Essence at the casting and let the spell run by itself.
To Essence sight and other magical senses, the additional motes manifest as the Azure Sign glowing on the mainsail.
Alternatively, the sorcerer can actively maintain the spell.
The character must remain on deck for the spell’s duration. Every hour, he traces the Azure Sign again and channels two more sorcerous motes into the spell. He can perform no other actions, not even meditate. A sorcerer cannot start by investing Essence, then change his mind and add further motes to the spell.
If cast to a ship’s benefit, Calling the Wind’s Kiss appears as a funnel of blue Essence behind the sails, though on a sunny day it blends with the sky.
Increase Ship sailing speed thanks to sails to maximum+1, increase Maneuverability by 1 and ignore all troubled water checks below difficulty 3.

If the spell is cast to oppose a ship, a gray-tinged funnel of Essence swirls in front of the sails, though it blends in with stormy skies. The spell reduces the ship’s speed thanks to sails to 0, decreases Maneuverability by 1 and increases difficulty of all water checks by 1.

Distortion (Goal Number: 7):
Distorting a Calling the Wind’s Kiss cause wind to lesser it strength, giving only maximum sailing speed bonus to benefiting ship and decreasing speed of opposed ship only by half (if natural winds give any sailing speed bonus).


Cost: 10 sm, 1 wp
Keywords: None
Duration: Special

From the fiery valor within her, the sorcerer creates above herself a huge projection in her own image, dozens of feet tall and wreathed in flame, high enough to be seen for seven miles. Speaking through the image, the sorcerer’s voice is amplified so all who see her, even in the clamor of a storm or a battlefield, can hear her.
The projection lasts one minute at minimum, and up to one scene.
For every additional minute the sorcerer wishes the projection to last, her player must succeed at a reflexive Stamina roll. Failure ends the spell.
Any social attacks made through the commanding presence of fire gain a non-charm dice bonus equal to the sorcerer’s Occult rating.

Distortion (Goal Number: 10):
Distorting a Commanding Presence of Fire cause sorcerer voice to falter and take on strange, squeaky tones and decreases his imposing figure by half.
Remove occult bonus added by this spell to social attacks and decrease range of spell visibility by half.


Cost: Ritual, 1 wp
Keywords: None
Duration: Until ended

This spell weaves an illusion that makes the target look like someone else.
It transforms not just the person’s appearance, but her voice, mannerisms and even anima. Sidereal Exalted favor this spell for its ability to make them appear as someone else entirely. It perfectly complements the false identities they create through resplendent destinies.
The sorcerer ties threads of Essence around the target in the occult knot-pattern of the Hidden Self. The process takes 10 minutes to complete.
It’s easy if the target remains standing and immobile, but impossible if she does not.

The sorcerer’s player rolls (Intelligence + Craft [Fate]) or (Intelligence + Larceny).
The number of successes indicates the detail of the disguise and its ability to fool observers. The spell does grant mannerisms as well and may be used to mimic someone of much higher Appearance. It also allows mimicry of anima banners or other supernatural effects.

Once the persona-tapestry is woven, it flares briefly with Essence light before it fades, completely remaking the subject’s appearance. The spell lasts until the imposture is somehow revealed, the target chooses to remove it (which requires a simple action) or when the caster dispels it, requiring line of sight and a reflexive action.

Distortion (Goal Number: 15):
Distorting a Disguise of the New Face cause disguise to fail in strange ways, for example face of the disguised person suddenly taking on sickly violet or green hue.


Cost: 10 sm, 1 wp
Keywords: Psyche
Duration: One scene

The sorcerer evokes a low droning buzz faintly audible to all in the spell’s area. At the moment of casting, the noise rises to a crescendo, the sound of a thousand voices whispering in an unknown tongue.
Thereafter, a single speaking voice can drown out the quiet hum. Whether they hear the sound or not, everyone within 10 yards of the caster becomes susceptible to her suggestions - treat them as having positive Defining Tie towards the sorcerer.
They also can be persuaded to do inconvenient tasks (p. 216) without a roll. Furthermore, a mortal victim of the spell is magically prohibited from realizing the nature of this effect for as long as the spell endures. Deaf characters, including characters who have stopped up their ears with wax, are not affected.
The spell lasts until the end of the scene and can be fully resisted at the cost of 1 wp.

Distortion (Goal Number: 12):
Distorting this spell makes it Obvious to everyone.


Cost: 10 sm, 1 wp
Keywords: None
Duration: Instant

The sorcerer speaks the Word of Ten Thousand Birds, part of the song that all the birds of Creation sing when they gather in one place. Because humans cannot speak this word, the caster is suddenly transformed into a flock of birds in a burst of Essence.
The birds fly together at a speed of 20 miles per hour and can travel up to a number of miles equal to the caster’s Essence. Once the birds reach this distance (or some nearer destination), the birds complete the Word of Ten Thousand Birds, and coalesce to become the sorcerer once more.
While transformed into a flock of birds, the sorcerer keeps all of her Attributes, Abilities, Willpower, health levels and soak (including armor). Her Evasion increases by an amount equal to her permanent Essence. She cannot, however, take any actions other than Move actions. She may not attack, use Charms, communicate or parry.
Any health levels of damage are reflected by the deaths of several birds until the caster re-forms, whereupon the damage manifests as wounds and the slain birds dissolve into pools of the caster’s blood. Each sorcerer always becomes a particular species of bird.

Distortion (Goal Number: 7):
Distorting a Flight of Separation weighs sorcerer down, slowing him considerably. She cannot move in birds form faster than 5 miles per hour and loses Essence bonus to her Evasion, which is then further decreased by half.


Cost: 20 sm, 1 wp
Keywords: None
Duration: Until ended

Her arms spread wide and her face held skyward, the sorcerer calls up the behemoth Genai, who appears in his aspect as twin phantom giants. The twins wade into a body of water of the sorcerer’s choice and split it in two. Each holds back one wall of water as if it were solid, leaving the ground between them dry.
Rivers continue to flow even if Genai seems to block them off—the water mystically flows from one side of the trench to the other without passing through the space in between.
This effect does not carry over to things living in the water or boats traversing its surface.

The dry trench is a number of yards wide equal to the sorcerer’s Essence and up to (Essence x 100) yards long. The giants hold the water back for as long as the sorcerer concentrates: She may travel and converse, but not engage in any strenuous activity such as combat. If the sorcerer wishes, the giants can walk alongside her, parting the water before her and letting it rejoin behind her.
Anyone caught in the trench when it collapses is subject to damage, ranging from light in the case of a shallow stream to instantly fatal in the case of an ocean.
The actual damage inflicted is up to the Storyteller.

Distortion (Goal Number: 10):
Distorting the spell causes trench to start closing and leaking water, decreasing on both ends by 10 yards every minute.


Cost: 5 sm, 2 wp
Keywords: Psyche
Duration: One scene

The sorcerer suffuses one of the Ineffable Koans with magical power, forcing the minds of sentient beings to do nothing else but ponder an impossible riddle. Speaking the koan, the sorcerer releases white Essence. This power forms over the sorcerer’s head a sigil that represents the mystery of the koan.
The spell affects all sentient creatures within 50 yards (except automata) who see the sigil or hear the caster’s words, and have an Intelligence greater than 1.

Solving this koan requires an extended (Intelligence + Lore) roll with internal of one minute, a difficulty equal to the sorcerer’s Essence and the goal number required equal to the sorcerer’s Lore. Characters cannot flurry this miscellaneous action. Each creature must find an answer within himself: Anyone else’s solution sounds absurd.

If a person is attacked while struggling to unriddle the koan, he is freed from the spell. Paralyzing Contradiction otherwise ends when the sorcerer dies or is rendered unconscious, when all targets solve the koan or when the scene ends. When the spell ends, the sigil above the sorcerer’s head snuffs out.

Distortion (Goal Number: 10):
Distorting the spell causes everyone to instantly getting sudden insight and getting (Lore) successes toward solving koan.

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