Stat - Iris


Essence: 2; Willpower: 6; Join Battle: 7 dice (+4 for 4m, +6 for 6m)
Personal Motes: 16; Peripheral Motes: 31
Health Levels: -0x2/-1x4/-2x4/-4/Incap.
Actions: Feats of Strength: 8 dice (+4 for 4m, +6 for 6m; may attempt Strength 3 feats); Resist
Poison/Sickness: 10 dice (+5 for 5m, +7 for 7m); Read Intentions: 6 dice (+2 for 2m, +4 for 4m);
Senses: 6 dice (+2 for 2m, +4 for 4m); Tracking: 7 dice (+4 for 4m, +6 for 6m)
Appearance 1, Resolve 3 (+1 for 2m, +2 for 4m), Guile 2 (+1 for 2m, +2 for 4m)
Attack (Bone sword): 11 dice (+4 for 4m, +6 for 6m; damage 14, minimum 2)
Combat Movement: 6 dice (+2 for 2m, +4 for 4m)
Evasion 3 (1 or 2 for 2m or 4m), Parry 4 (+2 for 4m, +3 for 6m)
Soak/Hardness: 11/7 (Soulsteel reinforced buff jacket)

Offensive Charms

- Black Soil’s Claim (4m, 1wp; Supplemental; Instant; Decisive-only): ‘
- Wounds left by the Chernozem rot with unnatural speed. A decisive attack that deals 3+ levels of damage also causes its victim to take one die of lethal damage per turn over her next (1 + wound penalty) turns, ignoring hardness. If the victim’s wound penalty increases, so too does the duration of this effect. Undead creatures instead suffer an additional (1 + wound penalty) dice of aggravated damage added to the Liminal’s attack.
- Stitched-Flesh Juggernaut (4m, 1wp; Reflexive; One scene):
- A surge of unliving Essence courses through stolen flesh and muscle, grafting the strength of another to the Liminal’s frame. The Liminal adds +2 to his Strength for the scene, which counts as bonus dice added by Charms this improves Strength-based dice pools, withering damage, and feats of strength). The bonus increases to +4 if the Liminal’s anima banner is flaring. At the end of the scene, the empowered muscle mass rots away. The Liminal may reset it by touching a corpse and expending five motes causing strands of corpse-muscle to spit forth and braid themselves crudely onto the Chernozem’s bones.
- Weeping Crimson Gaze (5m; Supplemental; Until next turn; Uniform):
- Bursting blood vessels fill the Liminal’s eyes with red as he hones in on a foe. Weeping Crimson Gaze doubles up to three dice that came up 9 on an attack roll, and allows the Liminal to perceive and attack dematerialized undead for an instant. This Charm’s cost is reduced by the Liminal’s wound penalty, thanks to the easy access to blood.

Defensive Charms
Patchwork Body Reconstruction (3m; Reflexive; Instant): After lethally incapacitating a nontrivial living enemy or an undead creature that still has flesh, the Liminal may use Patchwork Body Reconstruction to rip muscle and bone from the corpse and patch it over his own wounds, healing two health levels or a crippling injury.

Skeletal Spike Embrace (6m; Reflexive; Until next turn):
Bones burst out of the Liminal’s flesh to form a cage of ossific spikes, granting him the benefits of light cover against all attacks until his next turn. Any enemy that hits him with an attack at close range or is grappling with him during this time takes one die of lethal damage, ignoring hardness.
If the Liminal has taken damage to his -4 health level, he may extrude his entire skeleton as an all-encompassing carapace, increasing the cover provided by this Charm to heavy and the damage to three dice.

Mobility Charms
Clambering Horror Chase (4m; Supplemental; Until rush is completed):
The Liminal becomes grotesquely double-jointed, bones breaking and reforming or slithering free of sockets to extend the reach of their pursuit. He may rush an enemy from medium range, moving one range band closer to the enemy on each of that character’s next two turns, and may climb up walls or other vertical surfaces effortlessly for the duration of the rush. The Liminal may commit the cost of this Charm to extend its duration to one scene, but the stress of this burns out a limb chosen by the Storyteller, ruining it until it is replaced.

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