The Companions Of Sea & Salt

People have many differing views on each other. The companions are no exception.


RELATION Nala Jot Izo Raknar Arian
Viridian Bell Careful Trust Bell is a hero and a friend Respect Friendship! Debt to a friend
Gentle Passion Amusement Brother Unsure Respect Wary
Vemo Respect Friend Grudging Respect Friend! Impressed
Vermillion Horizon He's cute Weird but friendly Unsure Buddy! Cautious
Nala X Teacher A bit slow Urgh… Sympathy
Jot She'll grow up soon enough X Affection He is funny I'm taking care of him
Izo Distrust Awe X I owe him Scared/Impressed
Raknar *snicker* He is funny Totally worth the risk X Admiration
Arian Sympathy I'm taking care of him He's too demure If only he was a girl X
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