The Immortals Of Stone Sacrifice

On the edge of the world, a city has been built.

In Exile, thousands of lost souls gather in droves.

The flame of civilization.

Tended by the abandoned.


This is a tale of five lost children of the Unconquered Sun, and how they make their mark upon the Age of Sorrows.

What will they do? Where will they go?

Did the Sun make a mistake?

Wolf of Veiled Vengeance, a Nexan Mercenary, Chosen to become a Bronze Tiger

Hachidori of the Vaneha, a Vanehan Magistrate, Chosen to become a Iron Wolf.

Indomitable Boar, an acolyte of questionable origins, Chosen to become a Golden Bull.

Silver Wisp, a Windfolk scavenger from a flying city, Chosen to become a Copper Spider.

Aliyah, Lady of Silken Lace, a Great Forks merchant lady, chosen to become a Quicksilver Falcon.

  • Themes:
    • The use of power.
    • What do you do with the power of a god?
    • Are you willing to defend your new home?
    • Lost Ones finding each other.
    • Philosophy.
  • Inspiration:
    • Westerns, like Deadwood and Godless.
    • Wuxia media, such as Hero and House of Flying Daggers.
    • Warcraft (I'm not kidding. Kalimdor as presented in WC3 is a main inspiration.)
    • Romance of the Three Kingdoms
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