The Black Goat

Essence: 3; Willpower: 6; Join Battle: 7 dice
Personal Motes: 30
Health Levels: -0/-1x2/-2x2/-4/Incap.


  • Defining Principle: “Love is a lie best taught through a lesson.”
  • Major Tie: Mara, the Shadow-Lover (Unrequited Love)
  • Minor Principle: “I take pleasure in death and suffering.”
  • Minor Tie: Mothers (Hatred)
  • Minor Principle: "I shall bring this place to my mother's side"

Actions: Senses: 7 dice; Read Intentions: 7 dice; Social Influence: 7 dice; Seduction: 9 dice; Resist Poison/Illness: 6 dice; Stealth: 6 dice; Acrobatics: 8 dice; Demonic Lore: 5 dice

  • Appearance 4, Resolve 3, Guile 5

Attack (Black Claw Style): 11 dice (Damage 10)
Combat Movement: 8 dice
Evasion 4, Parry 4
Soak/Hardness: 3/0

Martial Arts
The Black Goat is a practitioner of Black Claw Style, and knows the Charms

Ichor of Hell:
The Black Goat knows that Mara’s lineage grants him a variety of unusual abilities, but most convenient undoubtedly is the natural fitness and healthiness of her demonic heritage. His wounds heal quickly and leave little sign of their passing, and he is naturally fit and healthy. Treat as the Exalted Healing Merit.

Blue Eyed Shadow-Lover:
To those well-versed in the Occult and the secrets of Malfeas, the Black Goat’s striking eyes are bizarre enough to warrant a closer look. These individuals may make a Wits + Occult roll at a difficulty of 5 to recognize the sign of Mara’s heritage. Those unaware of this secret will still undoubtedly remember the handsome man with the sapphire eyes.

Social Charms
Kiss of the Shadows (10m, 1wp; Supplemental; Instant):
Mara’s children find it all too easy to manipulate their lovers, and with a kiss, can easily drive them to do their will.
The Black Goat may add 1 success on a persuade roll to convince one of his lovers to take an action. If that action involves bringing about death and suffering (whether directly or indirectly), than if the target is forced into a Decision Point, they must spend 2 Willpower to avoid the action.
When the Black Goat draws his lover into the kiss, for a moment, he can feel his lover’s soul strain to join him.

Miscellaneous Charms
Blue Eyes in the Woods (3m; Reflexive; One scene):
The children of Mara have a million faces and a million names, but they all have her eyes, those sapphires that look out from the
wooded night. The Black Goat may commit 3 motes for the scene to activate Blue Eyes in The Woods, allowing him to gaze on the world
as his mother does. When Blue Eyes in The Woods is activated, the Black Goat never suffers darkness-induced penalties, and can see
(but not touch) dematerialized demons. The child of Mara’s eyes glimmer with sapphire light.

The Shadow’s Familiar (10m, 1wp; Simple; Indefinite):
The Black Goat may assume one of Mara’s many forms, becoming a black cat. Use the stats for the housecat (p. 560).
The cat form still has bright blue eyes. The Goat gains access to all physical dice pools, as well as the housecat’s special attacks and Merits.
He also possesses all of the housecat’s latent abilities.

One With Shadows (10m; Simple; One Scene)
By activating this Evocation, the sorcerer can transform into a living shadow for one scene, carrying all items currently on her person with herself. In this form, she can slip under the space beneath a door or slide through the thinnest crack. In well-lit regions, observers notice the existence of an unusual shadow if they make a (Perception + Awareness) roll at difficulty 3, unless the wearer conceals himself in a larger shadow.
When the character is a shadow, she is dematerialized and can only affect or be affected by other dematerialized creatures or by Charms and weapons capable of attacking dematerialized foes. If the wearer uses such a Charm or weapon while dematerialized, she briefly materializes for the duration of the attack, and can affect material foes – but she can also be affected by them in turn. Otherwise, she is immune to all materialized threats, although she can be trapped in a room that is sealed tightly enough.
Once the scene ends, the character must remain in solid form for at least ten minutes before transforming back into a shadow.

Force-Swallowing Darkness Defense (6m; Reflexive; Instant):
When a blow connects, the sorcerer’s tattoos surge with power, straining to break free to defend their master. The mystical markings uncoil from around her chakras, shifting to meet her foe’s blade, and her flesh bulges with arcane energies as if writhing serpents were moving beneath her skin.
After the character is hit by a withering attack but before damage is rolled, she may activate this Evocation to increase her soak by (Essence or 3, whichever is higher). Moreover, if the triggering attack still Crashes her, it causes an eruption of Essence that suffuses her form, causing her to ignore the normal restrictions associated with casting while in Initiative Crash.

Mara’s Embrace (4m; Reflexive; Until Grapple Ends):
The sorcerer’s tattoos rip themselves off of her skin in the form of serpentine shadows that grasp at her opponent, empowered by the same forces that fuel her magic.
This Evocation enhances a Grapple gambit, granting double 9s on the attack roll if the target is standing in darkness or shadow heavy enough to qualify as concealment for attempting stealth, holds an Intimacy of love or lust toward the sorcerer, or if it’s new moon or Calibration. Double 8s if two criteria are met, double 7s if all three are.

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