The Bloodied Reefs - The Wyldborn Kingdoms

Three kingdoms of wyldborn beastmen are locked in their centuries long war.

The Sharkmen's 'Dominion of Sand' is the largest, and they have been winning steadily for the past few decades, gaining territory and victory after victory.
But their Great White One, their famed general is old, he is starting to make mistakes. A host of new, younger generals are eager to step out from beyond his shadow, but can they?

Sharks cannot stop swimming, else they will drown. So too with a particular type of beastmen; their entire species travels as one, behind and within an incomprehensibly huge school of fish. They live, marry, fight, sing, study, and die in motion, worshipping their strange fish spirits. Their civilization has no writing and few crafts, since perpetual motion makes it difficult to do many things other civilizations take for granted. Their queen's greatest fear is that something should happen to their food; should the fish scatter or die off, her people will be forced to scatter, and she will lose her dominion.
Thus, when the Great School reaches shallow waters where air-breathers may fish, she often directs her people to tear their ropes and nets and lines; to shatter their ships; to devour their flesh.


The Eelmen's Dominion of the Tangle is not as large as the kingdom of sand, but it is the most populated. The Eels's philosophy of battle is simple.
Through enough soldiers, and no one can stop you. While this has met with mixed results against the Sharkmen in the recent decades, the Eels had nearly won a century ago, before a string of losses left them with their current, moderate holdings.


But a group of young men and women now work to improve the philosophy of the eel's. For if they had strategy and training in addition to numbers, they would be unstoppable.
Opposing them is the old guard, who are waiting for the Great White general to die, so they can return to their glory days.


The Lobstermen's Dominion the Rocks is the most insular of the three kingdoms.
Where the others will occasionally accept new wildborn mutants, either lintha or others, the
lobsters interbreed, intermarry within themselves.


The other kingdoms do not understand, as the Lobsters have lost more and more territory, and now have but two cities left beneath the waves. But the lobsters have old memories, not in their father's time, or even their grandfathers, but back 500 years, they were the supreme rules, on the verge of victory, and finally ending the great war.
For they had one of the Dragonblooded as their leader and king.
But the eels and sharks banded together, and turned to treachery, and slew the great dragonblood. But not before he had a son. Now that line has grown, and the lobsters know that if they continue to breed that line, eventually another dragonblood will come, and win for them the war. And now that line has produced a number of children, all of the appropriate age… The strength of the dragons will win them the entire war!

Why are these three kingdoms so desperately fighting?
What could possibly be worth all the centuries of blood and violence. A corrupt god watches these beasts of the wild fight, and draws amusement, and when one finally defeats the others, then he will reward them by showing them how to entire the great city.
It lies forgotten beneath the waves, with countless treasures and great technology. With it, they could turn on the surface itself, conquering first the west, and then the entire creation. And the mad god laughs, for who better to rule his city than those who have truly earned it?

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