The Calibration King

Essence: 4; Willpower: 6; Join Battle: 11 dice
Personal Motes: 17; Peripheral Motes: 44
Health Levels: -0/-1 x 5 / -2 x 2/ -4 / Incap.
Actions: Read Intentions: 12 dice; Evade Notice: 12 dice; Senses: 8 dice; Tracking: 9 dice
Appearance 4, Resolve 5, Guile 4

Magician’s Flame: 14 dice at short range, (Damage 14, minimum 4, tags: Lethal, Thrown [short])
Combat Movement: 12 dice
Evasion 6, Parry 4
Soak/Hardness: 16/10 (heavy starmetal armor)

  • The Calibration King may add up to 4 dice to her rolls by paying one mote per die.
  • She may also raise a static value by up to 2 by paying two motes per point.
  • She may lower any roll’s target number to 6 for one mote.
  • Rolls with a pool higher than eleven dice may be lowered to target number 5 by paying 2m, 1wp; or to target number 4 by paying 3m, 1wp.

Dice Reservoir: Certain Charms allow the Calibration King to move dice into her reservoir. This always occurs after a roll has been made, and the dice sit in the reservoir showing the number that they originally rolled. These results can then be added to future rolls using other magic. The reservoir can hold up to eight dice, and dice cannot be added beyond that limit until the current dice are floated out. All effects treat dice removed to the reservoir as though they were never rolled, and dice added from the reservoir as though they were always rolled.

Heterodox Martial Arts Mastery: The Calibration Kingknows all the abilities of any single school.

  • Initiate (Even Blade Style) The even blade warrior rolls 13 dice for her Join Battle pool and has a Parry of 5. Whenever any of her allies parries an attack, she gains 1 Initiative.
  • Adept (Steadfast Blade Style) The steadfast blade warrior has a Parry of 6. By spending a point of Willpower, she can turn all of her wound and onslaught penalties into bonuses until her next turn.
  • Master (Tempered Blade Style) The tempered blade warrior has a Parry of 7. By spending 2 Willpower, she can set her Parry to 10 against a single attack. If this is sufficient to block an attack against herself, she also successfully defends all allies who were also targeted by the same attack.

Balance of Opposition: In each round, the Calibration King can act on her own turn in the Initiative ranking, and can also act an additional time after each significant opponent finishes his action. These additional actions never cause clashes.

Locks in the Invisible Stream (Reflexive, 2m/die): The Calibration King may activate this Charm after any roll, plucking dice out of the roll and placing them in her reservoir, or removing them from the reservoir to add them to the result of any roll. This includes someone else’s rolls.

Offensive Charms:

Your Time Will Come (Reflexive, Withering-only, 5m): After missing with magician’s flame, the Calibration King may activate this Charm to transform her fire into a wicked dragon that pursues her opponent. On the King’s next turn, she may reflexively attack that opponent with magician’s flame again, but cannot alter the roll with Charms.
Her flames will continue to attack the opponent each turn until they successfully hit or until someone extinguishes the dragon with an attack (Evasion 6). The King may animate multiple flames at once, but only one per opponent.

Death-Inviting Stroke: Whenever an enemy rolls four 4s on an attack roll, the Calibration King may reflexively make a decisive attack against them, which counts as a clash if the enemy was attacking them. This attack uses the enemy's own Initiative pool and does not cause the King's Initiative to reset.

Defensive Charms:

Wise Man's Misfortune (Simple, 8m, one scene): The Calibration King draws all the misfortunes her enemy's caution avoided in the past year and binds them into his immediate future. The next roll he makes that shows more failures than successes is an automatic botch. If no logical result of a botch comes to mind, the Storyteller may instead inflict him with some sudden, random, and bizarre misfortune.

Saturn's Eyes Clouded (Reflexive, 8m, 1wp): The Calibration King activates this Charm in response to a decisive attack against her, evading it perfectly as the attacker realizes he actually destroyed a carefully-disguised effigy.
This Charm may only be activated if the attacker rolled at least a single 1.

Unlucky Number Deflection (Reflexive, 2m): The Calibration King reacts to an attack, naming a number less than its target number before it is rolled. Each die that shows that number subtracts a single success.

Dark Hours Locked Away (Refexive, 8m): The Calibration King shunts decisive damage she would have received into her reservoir, evading it. Unlike other magic, she can use dark hours locked away to erase dice from the reservoir and fill those slots with negated damage. This damage blocks the use of those spaces in the reservoir, and the Calibration King cannot remove them herself. However, her opponents may reflexively remove levels of damage from the reservoir in order to add non-Charm successes to any of their rolls after making them, on a one-for-one basis, or to raise static values, on a two-for-one basis.

Miscellaneous Charms:
Earth-Force Abnegation (Reflexive, 4m, one round): The Calibration King shifts gravity in her favor, granting herself one automatic success on combat movement rolls, and dropping the highest successful die out of each opposing roll into her reservoir (or erasing it if there's no room). If this reduces her opponent's successes to zero, they fall prone.

Misfortune’s Silver Hammer: The Calibration King carries Selector of the Quick, a starmetal grand goremaul (12 dice, 19 damage, minimum 5) and can use your time will come with this weapon as well, animating the weapon to attack on its own.
She can enhance repeat attacks using Selector of the Quick with magic.

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