The Pits of the Sorcerer-King

In time, Ras created The Pits, where in little slave-cities arose, each of them lorded over by the most ruthless guards of each Pit.
Any attempts at disloyalty or dissent was brutally crushed, both amongst the slaves, but also among the guardsmen, as most signs of betrayal would be eagerly reported by co-guards or ambitious underlings. The only other way to escape the Pits were through the Arena.
Entertainment is as always, a essential part of life needed to bring stability.
True to Ozymandias' twisted mind, he allowed for the best of the gladiators to join his personal cadre, thus freeing them from the Pits, and giving them access to the wonders of his palace, built across the river from the Pits. The crowd drawn to the bloodsports of the arena are either other slaves, spirits or merchants.
Most Dynasts on Horai are living in Paleshear and finds the whole spectacle a bit barbaric, although a young Dynast named Mnemon Halek, have often deigned himself to attend, and on occasions, even participate. When this happens, most gladiators have agreed to try and take him on when fighting as when a wolf-pack fights a bear, but no one has yet survived an encounter with the bloody-thirsty Prince of the Earth.
To get population to the Pits, most slaves are brought in by the sea to the port-city of White-shear, and then transported alongside the river Wauk, passing the hundreds of slave-farms supplying the Pits, situated on the banks of the river. After twenty leagues of river, the Grand Palace of the Sorcerer-King comes in sight.
Built with the finest of Chiaroscuroan architecture, the Sorcerer-King himself constructed it with the aide of demons, ten years after the conquest. Within it, Ra Ozymandias dwell in his realm of opulent luxury, pouring over scrolls and tomes of forbidden knowledge, awaiting the finishing of his great project.
On the other bank of the river, the construction site towers above everything else. For forty years, the project have been under construction, and is expected to be finished within the next decade. The structure is immense, with spires as tall as the great trees of the Far East. The stone for it's foundation was carved from the sands surrounding it. Great quarries once circled around the site, and now, those have been turned into the infamous Pits. Amidst those lies the great arena, where desperate slaves come to find either liberation, glory or death.

Arriving in the Pits, a slave is quickly inspected by one of the King's slave-masters, and then assigned a task. This task is branded on them, and decides their further fate.
The luckiest slaves are the farmers, who might have strict masters, but they do get to live on the farms down along the underground of Wauk.
In the Pits, the farmers are perceived as weaklings and sycophants, afraid to do proper hard work alongside the rest of them. Enforcing that opinion is the fact that a farmer is more likely to be better fed, and thus larger and stronger than the average Pit-slave.
The builders are the most common of tasks a person can be given in the Pits.
They are usually dragging stone the most of the day, with each carved block of stone requiring twenty man to drag to the construction site. The older builders are usually used as stone-cutters, working to carve out the rough-hewn blocks, and the team-leaders.
Most builders doesn't get very old, and apart from the risks of living in the Pits, the work of the builders suffers the most casualties per week, as the work of a builders is fraught with dangers. Falls from the ramshackle rigging or ramps, splinters that are wont to be piercing skin and bone as well as dropped tools and stone from above are to blame for most of these.

In the Pits, people live or die.
And frighteningly enough, plenty are born here too. Children are a precious commodity in the Pits, as most tend to die from malnutrition. Even worse, when the child reaches a certain age, guards will be rewarded for bringing the child before the scholars of the King.
If it is deemed suitable, the child is either brought to the palace or used as a sacrifice to the gods and spirits that have come to call the Pits their home, if not to appease the demonic allies of King Ra.
Those children that either return or is spirited away from the prying eyes of the guards, tend to grow up to become slaves in all but name, just as their parents.
If they survive to adulthood, they will probably have learned to either avoid attention, or have become guards themselves."

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