The City-State of Thunder Cliff Isle

A former tributary of the realm, now under the control of the Thunder Clan, a conglomerate of freebooters, mercenaries and raiders, trying to fill out the void left in the region by the absence of Realm troops.
The isle itself is a crag-riddled isle, with great cedar forests covering it.
Some even say the forests and jungles are covering ancient secrets.

  • The Thunder Clan
    • Diabolic Wong, “the Cook”
      • A fat cannibal warrior.
    • Most Foul Jeng
      • A sneaky knifeman with feral cunning.
    • White Lotus Above The Fetid Swamps
      • A decript poet who agrandize their
    • Clan Chieftess Thousand Oxen Toils
      • A huge woman with evil in her eyes.
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