Sesus Tiberon - The Exiled Poet

Grandson of the Empress herself, by the way of her un-exalted daughter Aqelana, who married a minor grandson of Sesus.
No one expected to see anything notable spring from the loins of these two, yet, their only son Tiberon was chosen by the Dragons at the age of nine.

His grandmother took a likening to the dark-haired youth, so Tiberon soon became the envy of most of the Imperial City.
In the days after he had attended the School of Bells, some rumormongers even claimed that the Empress took Tiberon to her bed on the day of his graduation.

A poet, a duelist and a feared knave of Dynastic society, Tiberon was sent away just as the disapperance became public knowledge, fearing Tiberon would go against both his own house and throw a wrench into the plans of other houses, he was given his current position by the Regent himself.
Tiberon was furious, and his anger erupted into an impromptu duel with a Cynis politician. One castration later, and Tiberon found the wisdom in making himself scarce.
The same day, an anonymous artist coined the first satirical poems depicting Fokuf's sexual inclinations with to the Immaculate Texts.

In his new satrapy, he has wallowed in his ennui, barely even eating for days. A deep and crushing miasma of dark thoughts have claimed this Child of Sextes Jylis, and little seems to indicate it will ever truly break. Hunts have been many, yet none seems to stir his ardor.
Every visitor from the Isle is quick to leave the poet's company, and locals dread any audience with the mercurial satrap. Especially the youths he claims for bedmates. Few of them ever return unscathed, be it in body or in soul.

Many on the Isle fear that the firebrand poet could once more return to the Isle, and incite the precarious balance. Few know of the deep loathing Tiberon has for his own people, as all except the Empress herself is worth less than the mortals they enslave. They have forsaken their heritage as true princes of the earth.
And if he could, Tiberon would return to the Empire, blade in hand, and restore the glory of his grandmother's Realm.

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