The Exarchrate of Dun Torca - The Remnant

A Satrapy of House Sesus.

Once, Torca was the lynchpin of the western trading routes, acting as the main port for the Thunder of Danaa'd, an immense fleet of war vessels, sworn to defend the Shogunate from all manners of threats on the open sea.
The port was widely known as the premier location for a young Prince of the Earth to roughen out his edges and make them disciplined. The rulers was none other than the Kumou Gentes, who boasted to be the finest marines in Creation.
And when the Balorian Invasion began, their mettle was pushed to the test. And even as their mightiest heroes ever scattered by the wind, the Kumou prevailed.

But when the Empress demanded their fealty, they responded by a uncharacteristic silence. And when she sent emissaries, they returned with nothing but confusion, as the Gentes had been kind hosts yet had never once adressed any of the topics they had brought with them.
It was at this point the Empress understood.
These fools were ignoring her. Not merely resisting. Not even denying her right. Much worse, they denied her even the basic recognition of existence or acknowledgement of her deeds.
Infuriated, the Empress turned to deal with the Seven Tigers, and some might even claim that this fueled her fury in those events.
But when she once more turned her gaze on the lands of the Mariners, she increased that fury tenfold. With bloody murder in her thoughts, she personally lead her finest legions into the fray, alongside her consort Tepet.
Of that bloody day, no poet dare sing, only refer to it as the Ramfication of Folly, where the Saviour of Creation destroyed the Thunder of Danaa'd, the palatial marble-coral estates of Gentes Kumou and even the ancient harbour of Torca, whose blessed piers had sheltered thousands of ships from baleful tempests and the shipyards where the black oak of the isle had been crafted into stout ships capable of braving any storms.
All of that gone due to the folly that it was to deny the rightful ruler of all things.

Today, Dun Torca is a shallow remnant of it's former self.
Once mighty towers are covered by moss and lichen, with scavengers having plundered it ages ago for anything remotely useful.
The great harbour that once was, is now a pitiful motley of ruins, some still used as piers and docks, even as the formerly indestructible constructions continue to crumble away, year by year. Several Realm magistrates make their base on Dun Torca, using the harbour as a easy base to escape scrutiny by the Great Houses, especially since the satrap of the isle couldn't give less if the magistrates are conspiring to maintain the cohesion of the Realm, against the will of the Houses.
To the dour and depressed Sesus Tiberon, that of little importance.
In his state, his status as satrap is nothing short of a pitiful excuse to exile him from his homeland in the days that he is most needed. For every season that the treasury receives tribute, he is feeding the jackals in the Senate for another span.
His beloved grandmother has vanished, and he can do little but to watch her progeny bicker and tear apart the Realm she built. And here, he can't even be given proper subordinates.
His nephew by marriage, Mnemon Halek, has been spending the majority of his time as a naval commander slumming it out on a god-forsaken sand-covered island in the outskirts of the Warded Sea, copulating with the nubile daughters of a ragged sorcerer who claims to be king of the desert island. At the very least, that place pays it's taxes in full.

The satrapy covers the entire of Dun Torca, which consists of Torca, also known as the Land of the Black Lions, the Rock of Ion, where the amberfishs are plentiful, Asmo of the Iron Cliffs and the Seven Little Sisters.
All of these are populated mostly by coastal towns, but the interior has it fair share as well

Dun Torca is in theory ruled by a hereditary Exarch, a title which may once have had religious connotations as chief priest of the local thunder god, but vanished when the Immaculate Order required the royal family of Aqnou to send all its children to the Cloister of Wisdom for proper education.


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