Tunnel Market

Lit by the pale, lilac shine of the luminous vines from the ground, the Tunnel Market is the one truly neutral ground in the Pits.
There are tunnels stretching beneath the ground to every Pit. Some say the first inhabitants constructed them, other say that they only found them when they craved through the natural caves found during the excavation of stone from the Pits.
In any case, it has been the closest thing to a market that the Pit People have, and every chance that they get to travel down there is worth the risk.
However, the tunnels leading down there are treacherous, and especially as many gangs tries to claim the passage as theirs to tax.

Enforcing the neutrality is Typhoon Ox of the Four Blades, a changeling from the north and his Cobblestone Corsairs. Typhoon Ox's favourite concubines keeps the beast within him sated from indulging in his natural hunger for dreams, avoiding the troubles of having a nascent soul-eater among them.

The Blind One currently rules, and he is attended by Nala, a darkskinned beauty that found refugee with him when the Carrion Crows sought to end her life.
Most of the wares he sells is brought to him by the Arrakid outriders, that traverse to the hidden valleys that still are fertile. From here, he and his assistants sell wine, dried fruit and even honey. Wooden implements, hemp and cotton.
His cronies are sly dealers, and are also the main organisers for the scorpion matches, however their lack of muscle has given them a disadvantage when dealing with the Ward Lords and their gangs and as such, he keeps them aligned in his favour with gifts of stones and luxuries.

The people living here are the aids and servants of the Blind One.
His bodyguard, Haqim the Scorpion, is getting old, but is still fit, though his sons have not inherited quite as much of his brutal strength, and few doubt they can take their father's place. As such, they maintain the gambling dens.
Most of the servants are clad in white cloth, and remain loyal due to the opiates supplied by the Blind One.

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