Vemo Gemheart
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Name: Vemo Gemheart
Home: The Principality of An-Teng
Caste: Eclipse
Concept: Underhanded Capitalist
Theme Songs: For the Love of the Money

Basic Character Information

Name: Vemo Gemheart
Player: Rasmus Høgsberg
Caste: Eclipse Caste of the Solar Exalted
Concept: Underhanded Guilder
Appearance: Well-built Tengese Male, short black hair

Anima Appearance:

Relatives and friends:


Born out of wedlock in the hidebound countryside of An-Teng, Vemo was hunted before he was even more. But, with a sliver of good fortune on her side, Vemo's mother managed to place her child on the doorsteps of main quarters of the Guild in Steel Lotus.
In most such cases, a child like that would have either been left to rot or sent to the slaves to be reared as one, as the Guild have little profit to make in the orphanage business.
But, that night, the person in charge was Amber Wasp, a merchant prince whose live was plagued by the internal strife of the Guild.
Families of Merchants intrigued against each other with a tenacity akin to that of a rabid dog and several years of bureaucratic intrigues had left Amber Wasp with precious few people to trust. But, a outsider, a person raised from childhood to loyalty to him and him alone, would be a worthwhile investment, fiercely dedicated to his master.
With no children of his own to use for this purpose and even less time for a proper marriage, Amber Wasp took the child as his own. And true enough, he grew to be loyal.
As Vemo grew, he looked to Amber Wasp as his father, while the old merchant taught the child the ways of a true Guild Merchant. Profit in all things tempered with a understanding for the needs and demands is the compass such a man must travel by. Look into the hearts of the customers, and give him what he desires and the silver will be as plentiful as the grasses of Karkhadesh.

In his life, Vemo had to adapt to his contrasting life.
On one hand he was a bastard, born out of wedlock and not worthy of respect in the Tengese society, where such a being have no rights nor even a family to protect him. On the other hand, he was the apprentice of a well-respected and widely feared Guild Prince.
Many thought him to be lower that dirt, but couldn't allow themselves to bring their bilious thoughts into words, as that would be showing great disrespect towards his master.
Vemo walked in both worlds with little trouble.
Some days among the rungs of high society at the side of Amber Wasp, where he was simply the apprentice, and some days among the dregs of the criminal world, where he was bastard guildsman who came calling with contracts and mortgage notes to be collected.
Thus, his friends came from two rungs of society. Either, the Guildsmen or the Criminals.

All in all, things went well for Vemo, in spite of his peculiar social standing.
But, as Amber Wasp grew older, his protege was gradually expected to deal with the old man's duties and meetings. Because one day, he would take his foster-father's seat in the Guild Council of An-Teng.
However, Fate had another twist up it's sleeve. One morning, he went to negotiate a contract of spices from the Aleet Household, famed for their basil and peppers. But here, he encountered something more precious than even the finest saffron.
The girl serving the tea at the meeting, Aesha, struck his soul as a thunderbolt. She was the youngest daughter of the spicer, and lovely as the most delicate sapphires.
In the following months, Vemo sent letters and notes to her in the deepest of secrecy, and within a few months, those letters became hidden meetings and walks under the shining moonlight in stolen moments.

However, tradition is all in An-Teng.
And a daughter of the Aleet would never share a bed with a bastard. Such was her father's words. And with days, her three brothers had made alliances with rivals of Amber Wasp, as the old man didn't want for enemies.
On a starless night, Vemo found himself ambushed, gagged and sold in the markets of Aridasha to the north of An-Teng.
Thus, he ended up on the slaveship far away from the love he had risked everything for, bound for a unknown fate.

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Anima Effects:
Essence: ●oooo
Personal: 13
Peripheral: 33
Committed: 0


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