Viridian Bell - The Tya
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Name: Viridian Bell
Home: The Denzik City-Ship
Caste: None
Concept: Tya Lookout
Appearance: While tall and sharply featured, Viridian Bell is easily recognizable by the tattoos that cover her body from neck to toe, with matching markings on her face, displaying her status as Tya.
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Basic Character Information

Viridian Bell of the Tya



Tya Lookout/Badass Kung Fu Sailor


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Relatives and friends:

Tomo and Joyful Tear met in Denzik, where she was born and raised and he was passing through, or so he thought. Before he really knew what had happened, he was transferred to a ship with home in Denzik and settling down with his pregnant wife, Joyful Tears.
Viridian Bell was followed by Brilliant Soul and neither was the child one would hope for, but their parents loved their strong daughter and gentle son none the less.
And the children loved each other as only siblings could. Brilliant Soul would trick his elder sister at every opportunity, and talk her into the craziest things, and she would in turn chase him all across Denzik and back again when she found out. Together they would surely have been a force for mischief to be reckoned with, but fortunately for the neighbors, they were too busy pulling each others hair.

Genuine Blossom joined the family and united the elder siblings in a truce. Viridian Bell had been working for a while already, giving most of the money she made up to pay for Brilliant Souls education while simultaneously keeping up with her Sifu's ever more demanding training.
At the same time Brilliant Soul was working thrice as hard as his wealthy classmates to be allowed just to stay. Between them, they didn't have much free time, but what they had, they dedicated to keep their little sister out of trouble.
While Brilliant Soul tried to beat some sense into her thick skull, Viridian Bell beat some sense into anyone with a bit too grabby hands, and Viridian Bell made sure she only had to visit once. From there, it didn't take long before the word was out.
If you wanted to court Genuine Blossom, you had to be dead serious about it.

Thankfully for Viridian Bells timetable, and her oft-bruised knuckles, the sentiment carried over to the twins without much encouragement. This was especially fortunate, as Brilliant Soul was no longer there to help out. He had gone ashore on the Blessed Isle to further his education, with the family's blessing and most of their funds.
Brilliant Souls departure later marked the turning point for the as far happy family.
It wasn't long after that the ship that their father Tomo sailed out with returned. Yet it wasn't Tomo who came home to greet his children and wife, but Willful Steel, who came bringing bad news. Impetuous Jade had been attacked by pirates, and many men had been lost or captured. Amongst them was Tomo. No one had seen him go down, but when they made the roll-call afterwards, he was nowhere to be found.

The entire family was devastated by the loss.
Not only had they lost a father and husband, but also their protection in Denziki society.
And without his income, there was no way Tearful Joy would be able to muster dowries for all her four daughters. Viridian Bell would sooner die than see her sisters unable to realize their dreams, and took it upon herself to get the family back on track.
She joined the Tyas and took her father's place aboard Impetuous Jade.
She couldn't pull in quite the same wage as her father who had been a veteran sailor, but it was more than she had ever earned before, and with one less dowry to muster, the family managed just fine.
It was even more than fine for Viridian Bell, who prospered at the open sea. It was like he had been born to do exactly that, and even more important, this was something his brother, the scholar, couldn't have done.
Viridian Bell was no longer just the dense older brother, he was a sailor of the Denzik Fleet.

For a time, life was once more good for the family.
But Viridian Bell's life changed for good, when Brilliant Soul suddenly and unexpectedly came home with a wife. Her name was Wondrous Emerald, and it was clear for everyone to see that they were very much in love. So much so, that Joyful Tears only gave her son a minor reprimand for getting married without his family there.
However, the sharp-eyed Viridian Bell noticed something was off. When Brilliant Soul's eyes wasn't captured by his captivating bride, they flicked nervously about, and he kept looking over his shoulder. Viridian Bell kept his eyes open, and a week after their return, he confronted Brilliant Soul with the stubbornness and ferocity of a bullshark who had stalked it's prey for weeks. It didn't take many passes before Brilliant Soul cracked and the story bled out of him.

It turned out that Brilliant Soul hadn't been the only one to court Wondrous Emerald.
A Realm Patrician called Immaculate Honour had also had his eyes set on her, and claimed she was his. This had kept all men, except but Brilliant Soul away, who had won her heart despite Immaculate Honour's threats. The wedding was a surprise to all, but no sooner was it done, than Brilliant Soul realized he might have underestimated the vengeful Patrician.
So Brilliant Soul took his bride and fled to Denzik, and under guise of visiting his family, his bride none the wiser. But Immaculate Honor had sworn he would bring Brilliant Soul to his knees and get Wondrous Emerald back, and Brilliant Soul had no doubt he would try his very best to deliver on that promise. They just had to see if they could weather the storm till Immaculate Honor found someone else to fancy.

A month later, Brilliant Soul was pulled from his bed in the dead of night.
The faint commotion woke Viridian Bell who was close in pursuit. He got the drop on his brothers kidnappers, and took out two of them before they could react, but the third got a knife to the prisoners throat before Viridian Bell could reach them.
The most intense starring match of his life followed.
He wouldn't back down, but the man would not leave empty handed, and with Brilliant Soul at knifes edge, he had the advantage. Viridian Bell tried to talk the man down, but to no avail. The man had been paid to grab the boy, sell him off to somewhere as far from the Blessed Isle as possible and keep whatever he made. And that gave Viridian Bell the most insane idea he'd ever had. He would take his brothers place. It didn't take long to convince the man that Viridian Bell would make a much better slave and that the man's employer would never find out they had gotten the wrong brother.
Brilliant Soul protested with all his might, but in the end, there was nothing he could do to stop his brother from saving him. This dumb brute would get sold into slavery and die in some godforsaken hole for an uncaring bastard, and he would walk straight into it, head held high.

"Take care of mom and the girls until I return" was Viridian Bell's last words to his brother, before he pushed Brilliant Soul into a wall, leaving him dazed on the ground.

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