Volarapun, the God of Whales and of Western Peace.

1. The Whale-God's son, a mighty red whale with divine blood, was recently slain by whalers ignorant of his sacred nature. In his grief and anger, the Whale-God has lifted his blessings of peace from every coastal culture in the north. Illness and ill fortune race across the land, unseasonable blizzards blow up out of nowhere, spirits of malice and insanity ride unchecked by the normal processes of Heaven, long-suppressed envies and annoyances flare into violence. Volarapun's wrath is wreaking havoc across the Northern summer, threatening the all-important harvest if he is not mollified.

2. Same as 1, but good for Sidereal games or games with shamanistic characters. The murder of the whale-god's son was orchestrated by Volarapun's rivals in heaven out of spite, and his current flagrant violations of his duty are drawing notice and condemnation even from Heaven's jaded eyes. One of Volarapun's old friends (another animal deity, perhaps, or a Sidereal, or a sea-god who owes the whale a favor) exhorts the PCs to root out the mastermind and expose him, her, or it to Heaven's justice…hopefully before Yo Ping's sympathy runs out and the grieving whale-god loses his job.

3. The Varajtul barbarians(/tear eaters/servants of the Bishop/the Carnish/anybody with a coastline and a connection to the dead) have taken up whaling, and have hunted their areas of the Northern seas nearly to extinction. They're building a fleet of enslaved ghost-whales to expand their dominion in the Underworld, and Volarapun has gotten wind of it. Unfortunately, there's little he can do to free the souls of his people, for he has no power in the Underworld. That's where the PCs come in.

4. The Whale-God's sanctum is deep under the sea, hidden in a great chasm, guarded by ancient beasts of prodigious size and foul tempers. Here, he keeps his panoply, which includes amongst its innumerable mythic riches his pipes, an instrument whose music is full of such serene beauty that it can calm the mightiest tempest, put armies of raging demons to sleep, and cleanse centuries of hatred from the souls of the dead, soothing their way into their next life. Of course, your PCs intend to steal it. Or maybe it's already been stolen. Point is that either way, this weather-controlling mass-mind-control artifact of tremendous power is gonna fall into the wrong hands. Without it, Volarapun might have trouble doing his job, in which case, Peace in the North may be on the wane even faster than in the rest of Creation.

5. The Autocthonians have let loose a colossal oil slick (probably without meaning to), and it's killing the whales! If you can pull this on a party that likes to solve its problems with demons, see if you can subtly manipulate 'em into summoning Ligier, and then making a "Captain Planet" joke at them.

6. Volarapun is dying after a titanic battle with some terrible benthic horror, and now he seeks a worthy successor to guard peace in the north after he succumbs to his injuries. If you've got a mortal PC in your party who seems like a decent Aquaman, this would be a good way to go for an Exigent exaltation. Of course, the thing that slew the whale-god, rather than dying slowly, is lurking in the deeps and nursing its wounds…

7. Volarapun is making a move on the Haslanti pantheon. He's bringing in skywhales captured from the Raksha, he's pulled strings to get 'em declared part of his purview (they're animals, not flying machines, Vanileth! Stop whining!) and he's trying to get the Haslanti to use 'em as gigantic citadel-mounts the way the Raksha do. Of course, in the process he's trying to usurp the power and influence the Haslanti deities have spent a long time cultivating, which leads to conflict for the PCs to get involved in on either side. And if the Haslanti aren't interested…well, there are plenty of OTHER cultures (cough Icewalkers cough The Bull cough the Carnish) who might like a giant flying furry whale armada…

8. As a god of peace, Volarapun's power is fading with the coming of the Time of Tumult. In an effort to shore up devotion, he's driving whales to beach themselves near hungry Icewalker tribes and trying to get in on the Totem deal the tribal patrons have got going on by encouraging whaling as a primary means of sustenance. it worked for Ahlat, after all. But he's still a god of peace, and his message is making his new chosen people weak. The young people start to mutter of negotiation and reasoned discourse and the value of life, and teenagers are rebelling against their parents with talk of pacifism. Which might be fine, except that the sudden rise of dead whales in the same area is slowly creating a shadowland…

9. Uhhh…the whale god is in love with a Deathlord? Develops a squid allergy? I'm out of ideas.

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