A difference in Robust level can be used to employ a Sunder Gambit, with a Difficulty of the defender's Robust Level. A success reduces the Soak Lvl of armor or DMG rating of Defenders weaponry by the Difference in Level. Natural Weapons cannot be the subject of a Sunder Gambit.

  • Wood: - (Robust Lvl. 1)
  • Obsidian: Reduces Bleeding Limit by 1. A stunt can increase DMG by a single lvl pre-soak - (Robust Lvl. 2)
  • Bone: - (Robust Lvl. 2)
  • Flint: - (Robust Lvl. 2)
  • Stone - Increases Bashing DMG by 1 - (Robust Lvl. 3)
  • Brass: - (Robust Lvl. 3)
  • Bronze: Standard. - (Robust Lvl. 4)
  • Iron: Standard. - (Robust Lvl.4)
  • Steel: Few cultures have access to such wonderous material. - (Robust Lvl. 6)
  • Glass: See Corebook - (Robust Lvl. 6)
  • Feathersteel See Corebook - (Robust Lvl. 5)

Macuahuitl - Medium Weapon -
A weapon employed by certain tribes of the Silent Crecent and the mangroves of Koa. The availabilty of the obsidian makes the weapon easy to repair in the metal-poor isles of the central chains.
Tag: Lethal, Chopping, Obsidian (R2)

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