Western Pit - The Deep

The Decending Spire

Pit Lady: Crimson Shrike

For most people dealing with the Western Pit, they learn to fear the deep reaches of the pit. From the bowels of the darkness, only the mad return.
Or the mistress. And from there, she has been singing the dirges that keeps them all in check. Haunting tones from the depths. Most people dread the songs, but the Pit Lady's lunatic minions are far more dreadful. Some speak of the places that the worst criminals flee to.
From one of the deepest layers, a jagged rock ascends, where the Crimson Shrike has her lair. Her creatures, the Bloodbrewers, consists of former gladiators.

On the top layers, the Scared Ones are the law. Ruthless in their dispensary of justice, these are the sole reason why the upper layers of the Spire even function.
Their commander, the grey-skinned Wyvern, keeps a tight ship, and makes the Pit quota on time. Some speculate that this could be out of his love for Crimson Shrike.
He makes sure that the workers are sent out, having crawled to his position from the quarries himself. Nowadays, he seem to be hoping to increase the

In the depths, there can be seen little lights of the gladiatorial stables, where some say a returned spirit is training the new gladiators than Scarlet Shrike picks from the litter.
Not a single soul knows the truth of what lies in the depths, but it is said that the Decending Spire breached through into the Underworld, when the sorcerer-king build the place.
In all earnest, there are few that understand the places better than the Seeker

In the sidetunnels, the little gloworbs are mined and even better, the radiant humus known as Chthon is harvested, giving the western populace a chance to grow both wood and medicinal herbs.
Under the leadership of Wache Bo, the barber-surgeon of Fajad, the Nightingales ply their tunnel-trade, and keeps butting head with the White Pack for the chthon, as the chance to grow their coca and mushrooms are too good to be true.

In the Spire, hundreds of little caves are used for farming big mushrooms, mostly for sale at the Tunnel Market. Their main merchant is a creature known as Infinite Dissonance, a Bat Beastman with white fur. He runs the Bone Biter Boys, a collection of scoundrels preying mostly on the farmers that inhabits his turf.

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