Silver Wisp
Explorer and Inventor UQdA7Ml.jpg
Name: Silver Wisp
Home: Exile
Caste: Twillight
Concept: Explorer and inventor
Appearance: A young woman who barely looks out of her teens, with pale with skin and white hair. However, the most noticeable feature is her large wings sprouting from her back
Anima: Thousands of essence petals forming into a giant orchid
Theme Songs:

Basic Character Information

Silver Wisp



Cheerful explorer of ancient places and creator of new things.


Anima Appearance:
As her anima begins to flare, small petals of pure essence begins to form around her and her actions. Slowly as her essence use rises the petals begins to increase, turning into a river of flowing petals flowing around limbs and body. Finally the petals converge into a single point behind her where they form a giant orchid before it explodes into the massive bonfire of essence petals.

Relatives and friends:


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Wisp Stories

Strength ●●ooo Charisma ●●ooo Perception ●●●oo
Dexterity ●●●●● Manipulation ●●ooo Intelligence ●●●●●
Stamina ●●●oo Appearance ●●●oo Wits ●●●oo
Archery ●●ooo Athletics ●●●oo Awareness ●●●oo
Brawl ooooo Bureaucracy ●oooo Dodge ooooo
Investigation ●●●●o Integrity ●●●oo Larceny ooooo
Linguistics ●●ooo Lore ●●●oo Medicine ooooo
Melee ●●●●● Occult ●●●oo Performance ooooo
Presence ooooo Resistance ●●●oo Ride ooooo
Sail ooooo Socialize ooooo Stealth ooooo
Survival ●oooo Thrown ooooo War ●●●oo
Other Abilities Specialities Languages
Craft Skill Speciality Native Language:
Weapon forging ●●●oo Melee Spear Old Realm -
Armour forging ●●●●● Melee Shield Other Tongues Known:
Architecture ●●●●● Athletics Flying Forest tongue
Tools and toys ●●ooo Craft Innovation River Speak
Artifacts ●●ooo Awareness Sight - -
Lore Resistance Drinking and eating - -
First age legends - -
Geomancy - -
Metallurgy - -
Herbalism - -
Mechanism - -
History - -

Other Stuff

Magical Gear

Mundane Gear

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