Silver Wisp Stories

Page dedicated to in between short stories of Silver Wisp and her doings

Episode 14
Journey to Mokoren

The water was calm and quiet as the ship moved under a calm breeze, its sail unfolded leading them up the wide river. Wisp laid over the edge of the boat her hand trailing the deep and dark water, making ripples and bubbles. She just laid there and gazed at it, how the water moved around her hand. Even though she could hear some of the sailors talking and moving about, she found the entire thing very calming.

She eased her chin on the wooden railing and found her mind drifting to past days, the past trials and… she smiled. They had come for her, when she was at her lowest they had come for her. Comforted her and embraced her, Aleyah had embraced her as family. It was hard to see but a couple of tears fell from her cheek to join the water below vanishing into the vast body of water.

She didnt even want to dry them away, she just wanted to savour this serene calm moment. It was only when she felt her hand starting to get cold that she drew it up, watching with contemplation how the drops of water from her hand fell off to rejoin the water below. She spend another moment just watching them fall and disappear.

She sat up and leaned against the railing and smiled at one of the sailors who were busy untangling some rope. She saw Boar sitting and mediating, his cheeks red as always. Aleyah sat towards the back and was writing, a perfect look of concentration upon her face. Hachidori and Wolf stood towards the front and talked, she felt joy that Hachidori was recovering quickly.

She straighten her back and nodded to herself, time for work. She picked up her note book and her tools and set to working on her latest project. She looked up and felt the sun on her face and sighed "I have to be better" she murmured "If you truly chose me I will be better!" she said and twirled a pen in her fingers and placed it upon her page.

Episode 15
First day in Mokoren

The sight of the city took her breath away, it was extraordinary in the truest sense. Her mind raced trying to understand the multitude of intricacies she was witnessing, she knew she could spend years here just studying the city. The scents, the sights, even the rays of sun on her skin felt more full and vibrant. She took a deep breath and just let it all in.

As they got off the boat they took some time to walk in the market, Wolf seemed to want to go shopping while Boar and Hachidori started searching for their foes immediately. It was nice walking in a market that was this full of life, not that Exiles markets weren't full of life it was just different.

She sat down on a bench and munched on a snack she had bought, and looked at the shop Aleeyah had gone into. At the same time she could see the sign to the armorer that Wolf had gone into. As she ate she looked at the people, it was funny that for once she did not feel odd! this city wall full of weird people and a girl with wings weren't the weirdest.

She took a deep breath again and just tasted the air, she opened her eyes suddenly. As if snapped out of a dream she looked around, and looked at the city in a new light. Mokoren was a dream, it was not real, it could never exists without the heavy use of sorcery and essence. She shuddered to think what would happen to the people if the gods disappeared or something happened to destroy the workings here.

Was this how it was like in the first age? Living in a seemingly paradise, unknowingly teetering upon a vast abyss. Living in a world that you could never hope to sustain or emulate. What horror the people most have felt when the first age ended, when the magics failed and cities and workings crumbled.

She took a deep breath again, not one where she savored the city, but one where she steeled herself. She would build Exile into a city that could be crafted by mortals and yet still wondrous. She smiled as it seemed an impossible task, but did not the Lawgivers of the past always do the impossible?

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