Silver Wisp Crafting

Major Projects

Slots 7

Slot 1
Exile Steel
Difficulty 5
Silver Wisp aspire to craft her own type of Steel, after witnessing Hachidoris blade in action and having studied a block of their steel she seeks to make her own. In her notes she call it Exile Steel and she tries to find a way of creating it. She want it to be better than the Steel from Vaneha, therefore she study the essence streams of the earth to find a way to give it the strength of the earth. She also want it to be light and tackles the conundrum of mixing the power of earth and air together into one material.

Rules (Awaiting approval) Exile steel is able to make a fine edge and the metal being slightly light have som advantages. Exile steel makes a weapon balanced, if they weapon already have this tag it gains the chopping tag if applicable. Armour with Exile steel gains the Silent tag.

One success full project nets enough for one Major or Superior project. Every 4 success over the threshold creates one more batch.

** note ** Especially large projects might need larger amounts of steel at the GM discretion

Slot 2
Mace of Wisp

The Mace of Wisp is a beautiful hammer, crafted with intent to be her work hammer. She is aware that she can work without tools but prefer to have a hammer in hand either way. The hammer is masterfully crafted thing, a long slender iron hilt and slender hammer head. The hammer is small but is still able to delivery strong blows. It can also be turned around and used as a strong pick.

Medium Accuracy +2 damage +9 defense +1 overwhelming 1 tags: Bashing, Melee, Smashing, piercing.

Slot 3
Major Project
Difficulty 5
The Aegis

Silver Wisp have decided to create a strong shield to better protect the ones she holds dear. The Aegis is the product of this desire. A large shield of iron or steel, it looks like a normal albeit exceptionally crafted shield. However it posesses a few tricks.

The shield contains a series of pistons that makes it possible for it to push outwards away from the wielder, smashing into an opponent.
This causes the weapon to gain the smashing tag for one attack. This can be done 4 times before the mechanisms needs to reset which requires a repair project.

Slot 4
Major Project
Difficulty 5
Repeating Crossbow Vambrace
Light Mortal Archery Weapon
Damage: 11
Overwhelming: 1
Tags: Lethal, Archery (Medium), Crossbow, Mounted, One-Handed, Concealable, Ammo (see special tag)
The repeating crossbow vambrace consist of a twin mechanism which fires a stream of bolts in rapid succession if the trigger is held down, fed directly from a pair of special crafted magazines which also serves as the power source for the weapon.
Special tag: Ammo. Everytime the weapon is used for a withering or decisive attack, a single d10 is rolled. If the roll equal or is below the number of times the weapon is used since last reload the weapon is empty and requires an action to reload.

Major Project
Difficulty 5
Repeating Crossbow vambrace magazine
Due to the complexity of the mechanism and small size of the elements within the magazine it is a major project. Every successful completion of the projects nets an amount enough to reload a single vambrace 4 times. With every success beyond the required can be used to produce more reloads.
Both Projects require Mechanisms Lore specialization

Superior Projects

Project slots 1
The Reimei

List of Materials needed

Artifact Rating 3

Blue Jade Reaper Daiklave
Crystalized Lightning (Found)
Steel (In Process)
Blue Jade

The Wolfs Claw
Artifact Rating 3

Green Jade Heavy Throwing Hooks.
Green Jade
The Bones of a wolf pack
Smoke Steel.

The Define Helmet
Artifact Rating 2

Bright Morning (Found)
Samples of Various magical materials.

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